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Darrel Brehm enjoyed his CliShay at his farm in Pratt, Kansas for several years. The nature of his enjoyment may never be known. We know he had a 7 ½” gauge track adjacent to his house and we saw a partially completed second CliShay in his shop. The firebox was very clean and the boiler was dry. While transporting the CliShay home, very little debris fell from the grates. More on that later.

Sadly, Darrel Brehm passed away in 2022. His two sons had the daunting task of what to do with the train collection. Pratt is a city of 6600 people. The Brehm’s collection was so large, they could give each person in Pratt 3 pieces of the collection!

Pratt is close to Iuka, Kansas and 80 miles from Wichita. In other words, it’s in the middle of nowhere. The B 29 museum is nearby and the adjacent airfield is where Pilots were trained to fly B 29’s during WWII. It was obvious the train collection was not going to sell locally. Darrel’s sons are an attorney and farmer. Liquidating a 20,000 piece collection would prove to be a big job for anyone.

The 2 sons were returning from an automobile trip and were listening to NPR. NPR would prove to be yet another coincidence that led to the return of the CliShay to it’s roots in Cincinnati.

The CliShay’s final homecoming getting close, and the CliShay Fest is getting closer as well. September 28-29 2024 is the CliShay Fest. This 2 day gathering is for CliShays, Geared and Side Rod Engines. For more information see CliShay Fest on the Cinder page.