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Misc Photos 2023

CF Just returned from a mission

to the International Space Station

Corresponding Secretary’s Editor

at the Air Force Museum

12 2 23 Ramble to Air Force Museum

12 2 23 Ramble to Air Force Museum

12 2 23 Ramble to Air Force Museum

(photo credit a museum patron who was in the wrong place at the wrong time)

Saturday after Thanksgiving 2023

Saturday after Thanksgiving 2023

The diner was nice and warm.

Hot Dogs and Chili tasted good.

Click on Photo for video of JB

JB rides the Northern on a cold day.

Good day for steam and smoke

Saturday after Thanksgiving 2023

Corresponding Secretary rides JP and family

Saturday after Thanksgiving 2023

Some say it was cold, some say it was cool.

11/5/23 Holiday Gala

Susan III made it’s first

appearance at the track


Twilight Run and Potluck


Twilight Run and Potluck


Twilight Run and Potluck


Twilight Run and Potluck


Not Dearborn Co. modern art.

The tunnel sections are complete and ready for the skin.

10/11/23 Denis assembles the last arch.

And so the tunnel began.

DL made a jig for the assembly of sections.

Pre assembled and painted ribs held in position by the jig.

EH, CS,RW,DS and DL worked out the kinks in the

assembly process. 9/13/23

Bottom stretchers were added

The roof was added before moving.

Tunnel frame moved before sides were added.

The last of the side panels going on.

Finished first section test fit on track 9/13/23

5 13 23 Dave and Nan ride the Galloping Goose

5 13 23 Carl and Jeanette ride the club train

Track repairs complete!

5 10 23

EH and CS installing the last of the walkway

5 10 23

The new spray car

as seen from the club engine

RH Tidying up the grounds 5 10 23

5 3 23 walkway going in

5 3 23

no caption needed

4 30 23

JB puts the tree on the mark

EH Ties rope to tree

4 26 23 DH preparing to weld

DF waiting for instructions

DL has flashback to the days

when he played keyboard in the

Purple Haze Band.

Hey, you can’t park here

EH and DL remove rail anchors

CS Cuts the rails 4/12/23

Workday 4/8/23

Workday 4/8/23

A surprise for the Wednesday Crew


Tunnel Materials have been moved to the worksite.

It won’t be long now!

RM and CS replace stove Pipe on Knox Shop


Vintage Map to the Track

Circa 1981 et al

(Run dates not correct)

EH JK CS RM DS (behind the camera)

Begin repairs to the flagpole

1723 trees on the property and only one fell

EH and RH (no relation) clean up storm damage

The track looks ok.

2023 Snowdrops planted many years ago

New Year's Day 2010

Weeds 2023

Clueless and Apprentice

Electric Towing a Steamer

(Miss a day, you miss a lot)

Executive Committee 2055

New Year's Day 2018

Sometimes you just have to stop the train and get off.

(No you can’t take it home.)

Friend and Member KB

RH Riding Kids

RH and EH (no relation) hauling

materials for the tunnel project.

RH and MS loading RS20 purchased from NB

Unloading power broom

(This cropped screenshot is sharp, if it’s blurry, it’s your eyes)

CB demonstrating power broom