Cinder Sniffers, Inc.

November 27, 2004

The weather held off - no rain until late in the day. Overcast and cool.
Photos courtesy of Lou Lockwood. Thanks, Lou!

1) 3/4" Tisch visiting from New Jersey (Owner's name unknown)
L/R beyond: Harvey Bond, Steve Chromik, and Denis Larrick.

2) Visiting 3/4" Scale Tisch getting up steam..

3) Dan List enjoying his brand new 1" Scale Electric Switcher.
Charlotte Hughes is a brave passenger!!

4) Carl Schwab navigating the busy Fairfax Yard area with a train load of
passengers behind Mike Pedicini's INNISFREE BELT LINE Electric.

5) CSI Treasurer Mr. Ed Habel headed for the Main
on his spiffy coal fired Hunslett!

6) Nancy Bond (MUD RING Editor) also headed for the Mainline
with her new Electric.

7) Mr. Ed Habel 'Rounding Third'... er,... the Curved Trestle of Bandy Bridge.

8) Dan List 'putting his new train away.' (I'm quitting while I am ahead!!!)

9) Dan is approaching the Turntable, for the Un/Loader Tracks beyond.

10) Nancy 'flying'* on the Bandy Bridge Trestle with passengers

11) Ed Habel checking the Fairfax Switch as he drifts around the Horseshoe.

12) Denis Larrick is ready for SNOW... and he is RUNNING GREAT!!!!

13) Mike Pedicini's Grandson doing a nice job hauling passengers.

14) Ed is drifting again downgrade under Bandy Bridge.

15) Nancy's Son Engineering her train, also just downgrade from Bandy Bridge.

16) CSI Boiler Inspector Steve Chromik firing Harvey Bond's colorful Atlantic.

17) Ed's drifting again... (good mosquito control coal!)

18) Denis Larrick also drifting downgrade at Bandy Bridge.

19) And the 'Miracle Locomotive Works' creation rounds the curve
on yet another successful Cinder Sniffer Turkey Day Run.

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