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 The following is taken from our by-laws. For more information, see the Members Handbook.

Dues consist of $65.00 per year for full members, $20.00 per year for associate members, $5.00 for junior members and $25.00 for spousal members. Full members pay a $50.00 initiation fee during the first year of membership. This initiation fee is waived however, for those who have been either junior or associate members for three full years. Full members and spousal members have voting rights. Associate membership is offered as an introductory membership to those new in the hobby, and to those who live at such distance as to make it impractical to regularly attend meetings.

To become a full member of the Cinder Sniffers, the prospective member is asked to attend three meetings before making a commitment. This gives a person the chance to know if the Cinder Sniffers is an organization in which they wish to become involved. After the third meeting the prospective member is to notify a member of the Executive Committee (any club officer) of his intent to join. The Executive Committee will pass on the request for membership (no one has been refused yet) and the new member will be notified. At that point, the new member starts paying dues and has a yea to pay the initiation fee.

The new full member receives a key to the track which bears the right to use the track whenever desired. The new member is also to receive a handbook that contains information concerning the structure and operation of the club, including By-Laws, Track Operating Rules, and other information.

Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to speak with a member, or contact the club at corrsec(at sign)cindersniffers.org. Someone will get back to you.