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2008 Images of Cinder Sniffers

The pictures below are large and load slowly

May 24 Run Day

Photos from Steve Chromik



Lou and Ed

The Schram’s

Happy travelers

Philippe and Harvey

Approaching upper bend

Steve and the EGB & Pacific #4


Don &  Becky Saager’s Heavenly Hilltop Railroad

May 10, 2008


Photos from Steve Chromik



Steve with Bob sniffing cinders once again

Upper Loop

Progress on Line

New Turntable


Awaiting the green

Bob enjoying his ride with Diane & Steve Chromik

Joe Holbrook’s Pacific

Tipple full of ballast

Tunnel progressing nicely


Don and his engine in progress

Another view

The engine is coming along

Don and Bob reviewing construction progress

Denis, Don and Bob

End of the Line



April 26, 2008 Spring Run


Photos by Charlotte Hughes


Anxious passengers

Mike Pedicini awaiting passengers

Engineer Nancy  enjoying the first Spring run

Nancy coming through the covered bridge

Terry taking on water

Old 96 in the new yard


January 11, 2008 Meeting at EnterTrainment Junction

Tom and Ed stroll through the Early Era

Meeting host, Larry explains the “vision” to Nancy, Jeannette and Carl

as Ray, Vincent, Daphne & Charlotte get a bird’s eye view from high above

The children’s play area has its new “Thomas” mural

and the kids are already playing on the GIANT SLIDE !

Vincent shows daughter, Charlotte, how its done

After all the fun, we settled down for the well-attended meeting

It was great to have Bob with us on a cold winter’s night


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Jim Keith’s Pages

Steve Chromik’s

October Run


2007 Thanksgiving Run

2007 Thanksgiving Run Pics

November 27, 2004 Run

September 11, 2004 Run

August 28, 2004 Run

Bill P and Jim K experiment with air/steam oil atomizing burners (06/10/04)


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