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Welcome to Cinder Sniffers, Inc.

We welcome members of other clubs or anyone who is interested in joining the club.

Please contact corrsec(at sign)cindersniffers.org

The track is not open to the public. We are a facility for hobbyists to gather

and talk trains and run equipment. Many of our activities parallel

similar operations of full size railroads. The activities include

operation and maintenance. We are not an amusement. There

are other facilities in the area that offer train related entertainment.

Members are not required to own equipment. The club owns a locomotive and riding

cars which are available to all members.

If you are a railfan and like to work around model trains and other railfans come on out.

Please contact corrsec(at sign)cindersniffers.org prior.

We are scheduled to gather on these days. Members also run at other times.

All guests are requested to sign our Guest Release Form upon entry to the park.

Parking is limited. If you are bringing a group of 6 or more (ie more than one car) please notify us at corrsec at sign cindersniffers.org

Notice to visitors with trailers, We have a bridge with an 8' clearance. If your hauler is over 8', you will not be able to access our unloader

 Directions to the park.